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What can you do to prep your home for winter?

How can you get your home ready for winter? Today I wanted to go over some of the most important preparations you can make to your property. For example, on the outside, any water hoses need to be drained and shut off. On the inside, installing a programmable thermostat can go a long way to…
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Don’t settle for the wrong real estate agent

Choosing the right real estate agent is a decision that can severely impact the sale of your home. So what do you need to know? Asking about the agent’s sale history and listing methods are a good way to determine whether they are someone you want in your corner. For example, ask the agent if…
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Avoid the disappointment of contingencies

Searching for homes is extremely difficult with a sales contingency. What does this mean? A sale and settlement contingency is a condition you need to put in an offer on a home you want if your current house hasn’t sold yet and you can’t get two mortgages. This type of condition is one that sellers…
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Closing costs and seller assist

Closing costs are a part of every home-buying transaction. Making an offer on a home can be quite expensive when you include not only that, but also your down payment. You can make this price easier on yourself, however, by using a seller assist. A seller assist, for example, can cover the closing costs for…
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Home selling mistakes to avoid

Home selling is a complex process. There are many possible mistakes you can make, and we want to help you avoid the most damaging ones. We have a list to share with you today that contains four different things you should do to make sure your home sells for the most amount of money possible.…
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The unseen risk of listing your home too high

Listing your home too high in today’s market can be risky. Even asking $5,000 above the list price can hurt you in the long run. Are you afraid you might be asking too much for your home? For tips to avoid an asking price that could end up costing you, watch this short video.
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Agent Loyalty

When you’re out and about looking for homes, it’s so important to keep your agent in the loop. They are going to work their hardest to find a perfect home for you, so don’t go rogue and start talking to other agents about houses before they know if you have someone representing you or not.…
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What to expect when buying your first investment property

In my business, I often get calls from people who want to buy an investment property but aren’t fully prepared to do so. Today I wanted to talk about what goes into buying an investment property. I’ll start by saying that anyone who thinks it’s going to be all cash flow with no headaches whatsoever…
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Renovations to avoid

Not all home improvements are created equal. Some bring great value to your property, while others can actually deter buyers from looking at it. We’ve got seven different home renovation projects for you to avoid. One of these is adding lavish lighting fixtures. Keep it simple, because you never know whether a buyer will share…
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Take advantage of low rates

While the market is generally stable in the surrounding Pittsburgh area, it does vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. For instance,
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