Moving Checklist

Sending Change of Address Notifications

  • The Post Office will provide a form for you to turn in
  • Charge Accounts
  • Subscriptions – may take several weeks to process
  • Friends and Relatives
  • Financial Institutions – Transfer funds and arrange new checks
  • Insurance – life, health, auto
  • Automobile- transfer registration, driver’s license, motor club membership
  • Companies- phone, gas, electric, water, cable, – and request refunds of any deposits
  • Other Service Providers – garbage, yard, housecleaners, newspaper
  • School – pick up or arrange for forwarding of children’s school records; if staying in the same school, change emergency contact.
  • Health – obtain referrals from present doctors and dentists, transfer prescriptions.
  • Churches, Clubs, Civic Organizations
  • Pets – obtain referrals from present vet, order new license and ID tags

As You Approach Moving Date

  • Use up food
  • Plan special care for children and pets
  • Check, and check again, packing and moving arrangements

On Moving Day

  • Carry – cash and travelers checks, prescriptions, personal care items, cell phone or pager
  • Pets – secure in a closed room or cage to avoid losing and agitating the animal
  • Leave – old keys and garage door openers with your REALTOR