5 Things You Should Know about Your Home Inspector

Before you hire your home inspector, there is some due diligence you need to take care of.
Here are five things you should know about your home inspector and the home inspection process:

1. Make sure you get a recommendation. Most home inspectors are certified, but there are a lot who aren’t. Your Realtor should have a licensed, trusted inspector they do business with.

2. They are there to find major problems. They aren’t there to point out minor cosmetic issues with a home. They are looking at the major systems of the home to find out if there are any health or safety concerns.

A good home inspector will have detailed reports.
3. Make sure you receive detailed reports. A good home inspector will have detailed reports with photos and write-ups of everything they found. This is an important thing for you to have when negotiating repairs with a seller.

4. Be there while the inspection is taking place. Find out what’s wrong with the home and make sure you understand completely. You don’t want to go back to the seller with a bunch of small, nitpicky items. You want to focus on the major systems and structures within your home when negotiating repairs. The health and safety issues are what’s really important.

5. Inspectors don’t have x-ray vision. They aren’t going to see inside the bones of your home and through walls to identify problems. That’s just not what they do. They are there to examine the components of your home for health and safety issues.

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