What Not to Do When Selling a Home

When you sell your home, there are a lot of things you have to remember to do. However, there are a few things you should not do.

Here is a list of common home seller mistakes to avoid in order to have a successful transaction:

1. Hiring the first Realtor you meet. You don’t want to hire the person just because they offer you the lowest commission. You need to get recommendations from friends and family, go online to read customer reviews, and ask each potential Realtor you meet specific questions to determine if they are the right fit.

2. Ignoring the market data. It’s there for a reason. Just because your home is in a $300,000 neighborhood doesn’t mean that’s what you’ll get on your home. You could get more, you could get less. Each home is unique.

3. Overpricing. When you overprice your home, nothing good will happen. You will either end up coming down in price eventually because you have received no offers, or the offers you do receive will be lowballs. Pricing right from the beginning is the key here.
Nothing good comes from overpricing.
4. Ignoring your agent’s advice. If you completed step one above, you should have a capable Realtor that you trust. They know the market data, the trends, and have experience buying and selling homes in the area. They are trying to get you the most amount of money possible, so listen to them and what they say.

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